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Asked a question 2 months ago

Is there a way to allow only certain users (e.g. above a certain repution score) to post on the main feed (without making them moderator)? So I'd like everyone to be able to post in groups, but only a selected group on the main fair.

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You can restrict users from posting unless they have a certain reputation score by going to Admin Panel > Apps Settings > Moderation. From here, you can then input the minimum reputation score required for each action under Minimum Reputation. Any user that attempts to post with a reputation score under the minimum score required will be sent to moderation for approval first. I've provided more information about the Moderation App here16.

In addition, you can limit users from posting to the main feed (regardless of reputation score) by going to Admin Panel > App Settings > Groups > Feed Settings. From here simply disable "Users can post to community home". By updating this setting, this will require users to select a group to post to in order to complete their post. 

Currently, both of these settings are applied for the entire community and cannot be specified to a certain group or solely at a main feed level.