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Asked a question 5 months ago

Question: I've join tribe to create a Jeep Wrangler build just so I can document what we've done to our wrangler over these last 3 years. But I have an issue with the three topic headings when creating said topic. I've found it kind of useless to have post, question and discussion in a row in the above tool tray. is it really necessary to have all of these in the top tool tray because I just need the text entry field to allow for several on screen options which the "discussion" option allows. The question and post do not allow for the added or extra tool tray options. So can we just eliminate the question & post options and just resort to using the Discussion option? Because the discussion option allows for more html text and images, I'll have to re-post my blogs in the discussion format in order to use these posting options which "post" & "question" do not utilize.

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If you want to disable other options, go to Admin panel>Content type and enable or disable whatever you want.