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Robert D
Community Manager
Asked a question 2 years ago

What analytics does Tribe provide?

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Powerful analytics is one of the most important features any community platform should have. It helps community manager and moderators to understand what's happening in the community and will result in data driven decisions.

In tribe we provide analytics in many different ways.

Tribe Analytics Dashboard

Tribe's analytics dashboard is in the Admin Panel> Reports from the left-side menu. This report is divided into two main sections. The first section is the Community Health which lets you understand how well the community is behaving in one page.

The community health is a funnel which shows you how many members logged in, how many of them did an action and what percentage posted something. The community manager's goal is to increase the amount of logged in members as well as converting members to active ones.

The second section gives you a detailed report of everything happening in your community including number of users, questions, answers, percentage of unanswered questions, etc. It also includes different graphs which shows your communities progress during a time period. In the detailed report, you can get a table view of users, questions, answers, comments, topics, answer requests, and flags.

Tribe Acquisition Source Analytics

Tribe tracks the source of every single visit and assigns it to the content which lead to that visit. For instance if a visitor searches for a term in Google and ends up in a question in your community, the platform will add that keyword to the particular question.

When admins go to that particular question, they will see a table which reports the following items:

  • Number of visits from search engines and the keywords which were searched.
  • Number of visits from social networks categorized by the name of social network.
  • Number of visits from other websites with a link to the referrer.

With this report admins will understand which content and keywords are performing well and they can focus on leading the community to talk more about those subjects.

Google Analytics Integration

Using Tribe Google Analytics app, you can analyze and track every single action executed by your users. Tribe reports user's information as well as their actions using GA events.

This way you can easily create funnels and goals and segment user's based on their behavior. It also helps you find the most popular content and the different channels which lead traffic to those content.

Different events tracked using Google Analytics integration
Different events tracked using Google Analytics integration

Amplitude integration

With Amplitude Product Analytics81 and Tribe integration, you can capture different member activities as well as member properties so you can not only create powerful dashboards with metrics at a granular level but also compare with member cohorts.

Metabase Integration

In some cases you might want very customized reports and analytics. In these instances, you can use our Metabase integration which lets us design very customized report dashboards based on your request.