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david sayer

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18 days ago

500 members or 100 for Basic/free

Hi @Alexa Kempton - I am about to launch -- tomorrow!-- a space for an educational non-profit thinking that 500 members was the ceiling for the Basic offering. Your current pricing page shows 100 as the maximum, however. Did something recently change? I am reluctant now since we already have 300-400 potential members.

Also, I couldn't find any info re non-profit pricing, but good to see that you offered free unlimited in 2020 for pandemic-oriented groups. We don't need unlimited, but 100 will be too constraining to launch. Please advise! Thanks

Ari Diamond

Director of Customer Success @ Tribe18 days ago

Hi @david sayer ! Congratulations on the upcoming launch! That's super exciting to hear.

Since your community is on Tribe 1.0, we are continuing to honor the 500 member limit for communities that ...

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