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Alexa Kempton

AdminKnowledge Base

Community Manager @ Tribe14 days ago

Release Notes

Coming soon! Tribe's Improved Support Community

Hi Tribe Community!

For the past several months, the Tribe Team has been working on a complete overhaul of the Tribe Platform to better serve our customers.

At Tribe, we’re excited to announce our first step towards the launch of the much anticipated Tribe 2.0 Platform. Read on to find out what’s coming up next.

Introducing Tribe Campfire Community, Tribe's improved support community!

Before the public launch of the Tribe 2.0 Platform for customers, we are starting with using Tribe 2.0 to power the new Tribe Support Community. And with the new platform, the community is also getting a new name—Tribe Campfire Community. This is a critical next step in our march towards our public launch, which will help us test, gather feedback, and showcase how we're using the Tribe 2.0 Platform. A critical step in launching the Tribe 2.0 Platform is migrating the existing Tribe Support Community to this first production version of the Tribe 2.0 Platform on Tuesday, May 4.

What to expect

A Continuation of Tribe 1.0 Support

Tribe 1.0, Tribe's current platform, currently hosts the Tribe Support Community — a useful resource for Tribe customers. We'll make sure to migrate the most helpful content (e.g., documentation, ideas, workarounds, and bug reports) from the existing community to the new Tribe Campfire Community and continue to respond to your posts. Tribe Campfire Community will be accessible under the same domain as the current support community (

Improved User Interface and new features

We can’t ignore the fact that the new community will have a fresh new look! With a reimagined layout, the new design is built off of customer feedback and the goal to simplify the platform. You will also get a peek into some of the Tribe 2.0 Platform features. Explore and use the new platform on the Tribe Campfire Community from the perspective of a community member.

Tribe's Campfire Community evolution The Tribe team is constantly improving the Tribe 2.0 Platform. As we continue to add more features for the public launch, you'll have a front-row seat to watch the platform evolve to fit the Tribe Campfire Community's needs. Soon enough, we'll start unlocking the Tribe 2.0 Platform Support materials to help our customers become experts on the new platform.

What's Next?

  • More updates to come. Follow the "What's New?" Space for upcoming information.
  • Tribe Support Community Read-Only period. On Tuesday, May 5 from 12:00 am - 1:00 am ET, will be in read-only mode while we migrate. During this time, please direct all community issues to or the "Chat with us" option.
  • Join the Tribe Campfire Community! Visit the new community after migration on Tuesday, May 5 by logging in with your current Tribe Support Community credentials on Note: Members with unverified community email addresses will need to verify their emails to re-confirm their membership to access the Tribe Campfire Community.

Thank you for joining the journey as we unveil the power of the Tribe 2.0 Platform! 💫  I can't wait to see you in the new Tribe Campfire Community!

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Pacemaker Project

13 days ago

Are there screenshots of the new system that we can take a look at in the meantime?

1 reply

Marlys Arnold

Consultant/Speaker/Author13 days ago

So excited to see the new version! Thanks for letting us have a backstage pass!

1 reply

Really good news. So excited to see the new version!

Super excited and curious... countdown 

Wow! I am exited for Tribe 2.0! 


8 days ago

Keen for the update!

So when the the switch flip? Excited to see it... 

When at o'clock?

2 reply

Hi community members! Updates regarding the timeframe have been provided in the post above. We're getting closer to launching the Tribe Campfire Community!

Hey, All! We're on the new platform! 🎉

3 reply