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Customer Support Manager at Tribea month ago

Prevent community emails from going to the spam folder

To prevent the community emails from ending up in spam, you need to:

  • Move the community under your own company domain or sub-domain.
  • Make sure your domain is not blocking the third-party software (Like Tribe) to send emails to your users.
  • Enabled the Sendgrid app.
  • To prevent email notifications from ending up in spam, follow these steps.
  • Then check the status of the community emails

❗️Important Note❗️

If you are not receiving any email at all (not in your inbox or spam folder), please make sure you have not blocked sending email from the Admin Panel> Settings> Access> Email. 

What's Next?

Learn how to:

  • Add a custom domain to your community.
  • Change the notification emails sender.

Learn more about:

  • The SendGrid App.
  • Community notifications (in-app & email).
  • Common Q&As for community Email Notifications.