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Junior Brito


Customer Support Specialist at Tribe2 months ago

How is MAU (Monthly Active Users) calculated and billed?

Learn how Tribe uses MAU to determine how much you will pay for the service.

In Tribe, we don't charge communities by the number of registered users but we charge by MAU. Why? Because we believe that you don't measure how big the community is by checking out their registered members. The most important factor is how many active users this community has every month.

A monthly Active User is defined as any user who has been logged into the community in the past 30 days. We do not count unregistered visitors as active members, so our customers will not be paying for them.

The activities include: Logging in to the community, reading or publishing any content, reacting to any post, following or joining any user, topic, or group.

We have different MAU for each plan:

Basic/Free: 500

Plus: 1000

Premium: 1000

Enterprise: You can contact our sales for this.

How much do you pay if you want to increase the MAU of your community?

Basic/Free: Needs to upgrade to a paid plan

Plus: $19 / 1K MAU

Premium: $49 / 1K MAU

Enterprise: You can contact our sales for this.

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