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Alexa Kempton

AdminTribe Product Feedback

Community Manager @ Tribe2 months ago

Share your feedback using the new Tribe Platform!

Help us improve the Tribe 2.0 Platform by sharing feedback on your experience in the community.

❗Important note: All bugs relating to the new Tribe Platform should be submitted from your community via Help & Community > Chat with us. This will connect you to the Tribe Support team.

Feedback Guidelines:

Follow these guidelines to create actionable feedback for Tribe's Product Team:

  • Review existing feedback submitted by other customers.
  • Upvote feedback and comment to add your perspective.
  • Have something new to share? Create a Feedback post:
  1. Specify feature.
  2. Provide your thoughts with supporting reasons.
  3. Share how you'd like to see it evolve by using examples and use cases.

Thank you for your help as we continue to evolve the Tribe 2.0 Platform! The Tribe Team values your feedback as it will help us build a better product for our customers.

Brian M

2 months ago

Looking good so far, I am impressed 😎


Trying to Live Lifea month ago

In comparison, I don't like it at all. And now I'm really worried the community platform I love is about to be phased out. I hope we get more answers sooner rather than later.

It went from community ...

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Do you need one more Beta Tester, just let me know :)

Heather Jo Flores

11 days ago

feature request, I have sort of been sent in circles and am not sure where to put it but it would be SUPER helpful if admins could change the content type, after the fact. Users tend to not select the...

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Heather Jo Flores

10 days ago

and yes, I was told by chat support to submit this as a request for 2.0

Ed Ferrigan

8 days ago

Is there documentation for building a course in 2.0? Trying to see how to use "Spaces" Versus "Collections"

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