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Melanie Jones
Melanie Jones
Marketing Manager


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A little showoff is good sometimes!

Our scoring and badging system lets you show your values to others; It shows how knowledgeable, expert, and engaged you are.

It always feels good to be recognized and be on top of the list!

How can you get more point? Just be active and share your knowledge with others. For each up-vote you get for your answers, 3 points will be added to your account. For each person following your question, 1 point will be added to your account. Users' weekly, monthly, and total scores are available.

How can you get a badge? In tribe there are two ways a badge can be assigned. Automated and manual. The manual badges are rewarded when a user reaches a milestone. For instance, when a member answers 10 questions they’ll earn a badge which will be displayed on their profile automatically. On the other hand, specific badges can be created and rewarded manually by Moderators or through tribe API. For instance, Moderators can reward a badge when a member attends a physical event or sponsors your business.

Online community converts your customer’s questions into sales growth by creating a sense of trust. Engage in contests, review products, or share knowledge that increases organic leads, conversion rate, and customer satisfaction. Improves your product or service with feedback and insights while reduces customer support cost.

All win!

We offer a professional team to work with your community manager. The team has three subgroups, including Community Moderators, SEO Specialists, and Copywriters, each has defined responsibilities, and the charges will be applied accordingly. 

Community Moderator:

Fee: $46 / day (minimum 15 days)

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • The moderator will help to drive the success of a community in many ways:
  • Encouraging members to engage by posting and commenting on each other’s posts
  • Sharing relevant and useful information in community posts
  • Acting as an example for the community members through their activities
  • Keeping discussions focused on business objectives, spam-free, and non-controversial
  • Review and act on the list of flagged questions and answers and comments in the community and remove them if necessary
  • Delete inappropriate posts, comments and limit the access of unqualified users
  • Redirecting email conversations to communities when it can benefit other community members
  • Establishing the community as a reliable source of information and a forum for transparent discussions

SEO Specialist:

Fee: $5 / questions (minimum 50 questions)

Roles & Responsibilities:

The SEO Specialist will find the right unique questions that drive healthy and organic traffic to the community:

  • Conducting in-depth research over the business, its current SEO status
  • Extracting unique long-tail keywords
  • Turn those keywords into unique questions for the community
  • Sharing the questions with the community moderator and copywriting team to be answered and posted This will improve the ranking over time and brings highly targeted clients.


Fee: $7 / article (~ 500 words/article)

Roles & Responsibilities:

The copywriter is responsible to write the answers for the questions extracted by SEO Specialist:

  • Conducting high-quality research about the questions
  • Writing clear, attractive, SEO-friendly answers with a distinct voice
  • Using SEO principles to maximize post’s reach

The true seed of scale an online community is love. It is better to have 100 users who love your community, than 1 million who just like it. If you want to make your community bigger, this is good, but never forget to keep it loveable. 

This perfectly explains that in an online community, you should never scarify quality for quantity. Whatever your purpose is, the scaling should be controlled. By scaling an online community, you should help the community to get closer to its goal. In order to successfully scale a community first, you should think about what your community needs.

If you want to grow your community, you need to have some numbers. You need to know what percentage of your users are active every day or every week? What are they doing? And how are you going to produce more of them?

You don't need all your members to be coming back every single day. But you do want to identify your hardcore members and figure out how to grow that group because that is the core of your community creating most of the value.

Also, if you want to have a big community, you need to be able to break it down into smaller groups that you can control them more easily. All groups will break down in its ability to efficiently self-manage, at a big enough size. So, in order to scale a community which is still healthy, you need to consistently break down that community into subgroups, and provide members with a context that's still relevant to them.

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