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Siavash Mahmoudian
Siavash Mahmoudian
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Card apps1 are only available in the premium plan.

Using this type of apps you can embed an iframe or an App Card inside a post in the sidebar, beginning of the post, or at the end. You can also embed Cards inside user's feed.

Iframe cards are the easiest way to test this feature. In case you want to test it before upgrading to premium you can send the url to the page that you want to embed and where you want it to appear to

You can simply copy the link of a question or discussion from the browser address bar.

If you want to link to a particular answer, you can click on the date of the answer and it will redirect you to a permalink to that answer.

Tribe also supports short urls. If you provide a separate domain or subdomain to your point of contact in Tribe, we'll be able to add the domain as short url domain. With short url feature enabled, every content page in Tribe will have a short url where users can easily copy and paste.

The facebook sharing should be enabled for all public communities by default. Could you please put a link in comment and explain the missing functionality in more detail.

You can embed following external services in your answers or posts:

  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • DailyMotion
  • Ted Talks
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Reddit
  • SoundCloud
  • Spotify
  • Flickr
  • Meetup

Just paste the link to any of these services in the editor and you're done! 

For some of the services you won't be able to see the preview in the editor, but after submitting it, the placeholder will be replaced with the embedded preview.

Sample embed services





Ted Talk


In case you want your community on your subdomain you should just set a CNAME to domains.tribe.so27 in your domains DNS settings.

Sometimes, you might want your community on the root domain, let's say YourAwesomeCommunity.com45. In this case, the community should be accessible from both YourAwesomeCommunity.com45 and www.YourAwesomeCommunity.com21. For this to work you need to add two records to your DNS settings:

If the A Record is not set, the website won't be accessible from YourAwesomeCommunity.com45 and if the CNAME is missing it won't be accessible from www.YourAwesomeCommunity.com21.

Status: Done

The user profile says that a user has not answered any questions even though they have. This may be a caching issue, but the user's last answer was over 20 hours ago

What are the bugs on Tribe that you would like to report?

Powerful analytics is one of the most important features any community platform should have. It helps community manager and moderators to understand what's happening in the community and will result in data driven decisions.

In tribe we provide analytics in many different ways.

Tribe Analytics Dashboard

Tribe's analytics dashboard is divided into two main sections. The first section is the Community Health which let's you understand how well the community is behaving in one page.

The community health is a funnel which shows you how many members logged in, how many of them did an action and what percentage posted something. The community manager's goal is to increase the amount of logged in members as well as converting members to active ones.

The second section gives you a detailed report of everything happening in your community including number of users, questions, answers, percentage of unanswered questions, etc. It also includes different graphs which shows your communities progress during a time period. In the detailed report, you can get a table view of users, questions, answers, comments, topics, answer requests, and flags.

Tribe Acquisition Source Analytics

Tribe tracks the source of every single visit and assigns it to the content which lead to that visit. For instance if a visitor searches for a term in Google and ends up in a question in your community, the platform will add that keyword to the particular question.

When admins go to that particular question, they will see a table which reports the following items:

  • Number of visits from search engines and the keywords which were searched.
  • Number of visits from social networks categorized by the name of social network.
  • Number of visits from other websites with a link to the referrer.

With this report admins will understand which content and keywords are performing well and they can focus on leading the community to talk more about those subjects.

Google Analytics Integration

Using Tribe Google Analytics app, you can analyze and track every single action executed by your users. Tribe reports user's information as well as their actions using GA events.

This way you can easily create funnels and goals and segment user's based on their behavior. It also helps you find the most popular content and the different channels which lead traffic to those content.

Different events tracked using Google Analytics integration
Different events tracked using Google Analytics integration

Mixpanel Integration

By utilizing the Tribe Mixpanel App, you can track latest actions done by every single user and visualize community activities.

You can even define customized email or text messages based on different events or criteria. For instance, you can automatically send an email message to all the users who has done a particular action more than 5 times in the past month.

A graph of all actions during a period of time
A graph of all actions during a period of time
Latest actions done by a particular user
Latest actions done by a particular user

Metabase Integration

In some cases you might want very customized reports and analytics. In these instances, you can use our Metabase integration which let's us design very customized report dashboards based on your request.

Currently, there are two ways that you can integrate tribe with your mobile app.

API Integration

Everything in tribe is available through tribe REST API. One way of implementing tribe natively in your phone app is to use tribe's API and implement the interface which best suits your app.

Although this method gives you total freedom and the most flexibility, it can be hard to implement.

Web View Integration

A very common way of integrating tribe with mobile apps is through Web View integration. In this method you'll be embedding a web view inside your mobile app. The web view endpoint is customizable and can include or exclude header and have custom CSS.

In this method, you can use JSON Web Tokens (JWT) to implement the Single Sign-on. This means that your app will generate an encrypted token with user's information using a secret key available in Admin panel. Your app will pass the JWT using query strings and tribe will login the user based on the encrypted information.

This method is the more popular and easier way of integrating tribe with your phone app.

It's also worth mentioning that custom tribe apps and web hooks make it possible to send in-app push notifications when a new action happens in tribe.

In tribe, by default everyone can add a new topic or to give the existing topics to any question. All users can also remove a topic from questions.

Editing and deleting a topic is only available for Admins.

You can easily customize the look of your community. Please follow these steps:

1. Click on your profile picture at top right and select Admin Panel:

How can I customize the look of my community in Tribe?

2. Click on Theme from the left toolbar:

How can I customize the look of my community in Tribe?

3. Go to General to change the color of buttons and links:

How can I customize the look of my community in Tribe?

4. You can also change the height and background color of the Menu and Navbar:

How can I customize the look of my community in Tribe?
How can I customize the look of my community in Tribe?

Here is the format you need to insert the links (here, we are adding the keys for Feature, Services, Pricing, and App Store). Type down the name of the key and the put the link for that key inside |.....| start. Please do not forget to enable and save the changes. 

Features | | start

Services | | start

Pricing | | start

App Store | | start

5. Go to Advanced Settings:

How can I customize the look of my community in Tribe?

In this section you can customize the look and feel of the portal using CSS or even load external CSS scripts by adding a <link> tag inside the <head>.

It's also possible to use the power of JavaScript by adding <script> tags to the end of <body>

If you're not familiar with CSS and JavaScript or you cannot achieve what you have in your mind using CSS and JS, please feel free to contact us at info@tribe.so18 and one of our UI/UX experts will help you.

The reputation shows how helpful a user is in the community. Unlike Tribe's virtual currency, the reputation cannot be bought or spent. The only way to earn reputation is by posting useful content in the community.

Everytime a member finds your answer useful and upvotes it, you'll earn 3 reputation points. Also, when a member follows your question you'll earn 1 reputation point.

Currently, the reputation multipliers are fixed. Also, the reputation score that you receive is the same from all users and is not variable based on who upvotes your answer or follows your question.

Soon, we'll implement a way to be able to customize the multipliers as well as giving weight to upvotes and follows based on reputation of the user who performs the action.

To setup Tribe on your own domain or subdomain you should simply go to your domain DNS panel and set a new CNAME to domains.tribe.so20.

For instance, if you want community.acmecorp.com20 to be your community homepage, go to acmecorp.com24 domain registrar's control panel, search for DNS settings. Click on add a CNAME record and enter following settings:

  • Type: CNAME
  • Host: "community" in this example (or your choice of subdomain)
  • Value or Points To: domains.tribe.so20

After the CNAME record is added, please email us at info@tribe.so14 and let us know your current Tribe url as well as the new CNAME address that you've set. Tribe team will take care of everything else.

Embedding latest or most popular questions around a topic can be done in multiple ways.

Using RSS

The easiest way is to use RSS widgets on your website. Most CMS and blog platforms have built in RSS support. To embed latest or most popular questions regarding a particular topic you can follow these steps:

  1. Go to Home and click on Topics in the sidebar.
  2. Pick a topic from the list.
  3. Click on the orange RSS icon in the filter toolbar.
  4. Use the RSS feed url in your favorite RSS reader widget on your website.

Using Tribe API

If you need more freedom or want to customize the look of the widget, you can always use Tribe API. Simply, send an AJAX request to and you'll get a list of questions related to the query in JSON format.

Alternatively, you can use the search API endpoint located at which will return relevant questions, topics and users.

Please note, you need to change community.tribe.so27 with your own community subdomain/domain.

Using Tribe Iframe widget

For certain Customers, Tribe provides an inline HTML iframe widget according. This widget is custom made for each Customer based on their branding guidelines. If your Company is interested in an Iframe widget, please contact us at info@tribe.so18.

Only admins can feature a question or an answer.

To feature an answer or a question, click on the question. Then you need to click on "..." sign on the answer or the question that needs to be featured. Then click on "Feature" button.

It should appear in Home Feed the next time you refresh the page.

Click On the Question
Click On the Question
Feature An Answer
Feature An Answer
Feature A Question
Feature A Question

Tribe integrates with Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Mix Panel to provide the best insights for Community Managers.

To integrate with Google Analytics, you can email your Google Analytics property ID and portal address to info@tribe.so21. This way Tribe will report actions and events to Google Analytics as well.

If events are not important to you, it's possible to add the script tag to your portal using the Admin Tools as well. To do so:

  1. Login as Admin
  2. Click on your profile image -> Account Settings.
  3. Click on Portal Settings under Admin Tools.
  4. Go to Template tab.
  5. Add the script tag in the <head> textbox.

In near future you'll be able to do the first method using through Tribe App Store in couple of clicks.

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