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Alexa Kempton

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Community Manager @ Tribe5 months ago


⚡ Spaces

The Tribe Platform is reimagining how members come together. We're saying goodbye to "Groups" from our previous platform, and introducing "Spaces". Spaces are THE way to facilitate your content and connections.

To fully equip Spaces, the release of the Tribe Platform will include the following updates:

  • Space templates
  • Tab structure
  • About, Members tabs
  • Improved Member Management
  • Assign Space Admins or Moderators
  • Add/Invite Members to Spaces
  • Space settings & permissions
  • Coming soon! Add Apps for different ways to engage within a Space

Watch the demo

Learn more about Spaces by watching the What's Coming in the Tribe Platform- Spaces demo video above.

Provide your feedback

Let us know your thoughts about the Tribe Platform features by upvoting existing feedback or creating a new post in the Tribe Platform Feedback Space.

We're excited to see how you will use Spaces and the new features within your community. Thank you for your continued support in making Tribe the powerful platform that it is!