Released on July 27, 2021

Collecting robust analytics is the key to grow and measure a community. Paired with Tribe's Analytics, Google Analytics expands the possibilities for data measurement by collecting a wide range of web analytics. Use Google Analytics to understand how members use a community, customize reports, build dashboards, and extract powerful insights.

Google Analytics App

Once the Google Analytics App is installed, Tribe inserts the Google Analytics tracking script to the community pages. This enables Google Analytics to capture a wide range of data points associated with community traffic and create reports.

Install the Google Analytics App to power your community with reporting capabilities such as:

  • Community traffic data.
  • Community page views.
  • Visitor acquisition resources.
  • Other metrics for web analytics.

View more details below:

  • Simple installation of Google Analytics Tracking ID.
  • Use Google Analytics data to create goals, build funnels and report key metrics.

Available to customers on Tribe's Plus, Premium, and Enterprise plans.

๐Ÿ“– Learn more the Google Analytics (GA) App here โ†’

Have questions about the Google Analytics App? Please post them in the Campfire Support Space!

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