Released on August 4, 2021

Businesses are driven by processes and these processes rely on seamless data synchronization between different tools. For instance, when a prospective client expresses interest by sending a message, you have a process to engage with the prospect. It could involve connecting with the right salesperson, showing a demo, recording the requirements, and sending a pricing plan.

Automation plays an important role in improving these business processes. In simple terms, automation is the use of technology to execute recurring tasks and replace manual efforts. It increases productivity, streamlines processes, and allows you to make the most of your applications.

Tribe is committed to improving process automation by providing tight integration with popular tools. Zapier integration is a key step in that direction.

Learn about the Zapier App below:

The most requested integration, Zapier App, is back!

We’re excited to announce that Zapier App is now available on the new Tribe Platform. The Zapier App instantly converts your community into automated actions and connects your Tribe with 3,000+ apps. Create your own personalized, code-less workflow automatons that act as a digital super glue to combine a variety of apps.

The automated workflows in Zapier are known as Zaps. They are triggered based on an event and perform the action(s) either inside the community or in a third-party app.

Popular use cases

Although there are endless use cases, here are some of the popular ones:

  • Create support tickets from community discussions.
  • Log the community activity of your community members inside the CRM app.
  • Add users to different Spaces inside your community when they make payment for subscriptions.
  • Add content to Google Spreadsheet based on new posts added to the community.
  • Create community discussion when your blog creates a new post.
  • Perform sentiment analysis on the user-generated content by sending content to a service like Semantria.
  • Get Slack messages for new posts added to the community.

View more details about the Zapier App below:

Available on Tribe's Plus, Premium, and Enterprise Pricing Plans.

πŸ“– Learn more about how to install and use the Zapier App here β†’


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