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Alexa Kempton

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Community Manager @ Tribe5 months ago


⚡ Search Improvements

We’re excited to introduce Tribe 2.0 Platform Search within the Tribe Campfire Community! We’ve been busy these past several months retooling Tribe's Search functionality.

Tribe 2.0 Search improvements aim to resolve your most pressing search issues and meet your primary search needs. To accomplish this goal, the release of Tribe 2.0 will include the following updates:

  • More accurate results
  • Result types/contextualized results
  • New interface design
  • Keyboard friendly browsing
  • Coming soon! Search filtering
  • Coming soon! Advanced Search page

Watch the demo

Learn more about Tribe 2.0's search experience in the demo above.

Provide your feedback

Let us know your thoughts about the Tribe 2.0 Platform features by upvoting existing feedback or creating a new post in the Tribe 2.0 Feedback Space.

Improving Search has been (and will continue to be) a priority for Tribe!